WE provide wide range of Solar system products & Services

Solar Panels

We use only Tier-1 Mono Crystalline Half Cut solar panels such as Jinko, Longi, Canadian Solar, Yingli etc. having capacity between 500-650 Watts in our projects. Solar panels have Replacement Warranty of 12 Years and Performance Warranty of 25 Years

On-Grid Inverters

On-Grid inverters work with the availability of Grid. Aotai is a top Chinese inverter company that deals in Solar Inverters.
We use Aotai inverters starting from 5 Kilo Watts and up to 100 Kilo Watts. Main features include IP-65 Rating, Conversion Efficiency up to 99.5% and 24/7 Remote System Monitoring via Mobile App. We provide 5 Year free Replacement Warranty for our on-Grid inverters

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid Inverters work with and also without the availability of Grid. They provide back up once grid goes off for selective home appliances. Sanko Power is a top Chinese Hybrid Inverter company that deals in solar inverters. Main features include Conversion Efficiency up to 96% and 24/7 Remote System Monitoring via mobile App. We use 6 KW Sankopower Hybrid Inverters for our sites. 5 Year free Replacement Warranty is offered for Hybrid inverters

Ground Solar MOUNTED System

ShadowShield frames are used to install solar panels when we have sufficient space available and when there is no shadow near the roof tops. We use Hot dip / Galvanized 14 gauge standard frames at our sites to install solar panels. This configuration is also known as L1/L2/L3/L4 stacks and is designed to withstand high wind speed and rusting through use of hot dip and galvanized steel


Elevated structure is used to install solar panels where we have less space available or when there is shadow on rooftops.
We use top quality 12 Gauge Mughal / King / Ittehad Steel for Elevated Structure and use steel bounded epoxy to avoid any seepage into the rooftop. The complete structure is made strong enough to withstand high wind speeds and is protected against rusting by Red Oxide and Robbilac enamel paint.